Have you noticed a sagging neck and jawline? Tired looking eyes? A loss of volume in your face? Most patients who are interested in facial rejuvenation are looking to address a multitude of concerns. Whether my patients have important life events such as weddings or reunions, they feel they look tired, or skin care, makeup and injectables are no longer doing what they used to do. To put it simply, they are not happy with the effects of gravity and aging and want to look on the outside as good as they feel on the inside.


Are Virtual Consultations Effective?

Rejuvenation options are googled, doctors are researched, and consultations are performed. Going forward, an essential, yet efficient change is going to be the acceptance and eventual reliance on virtual consultations.  I for one, am  supportive of virtual consultations- I feel they are convenient, easy to set up, and it saves precious time for my patients.

My practice has always offered virtual consultations for our out of town and international patients, so why not widen the catch. Social distancing has pushed our boundaries and has forced us to think ‘outside of the box’ of what our status quo was.

Are Virtual Consultations the new reality?

During a virtual consultation, I am able to provide high quality virtual analysis.  Once the patient and I have decided on best procedure or treatment options, we can schedule the date, and setup upcoming calls/appointments to prepare you for the procedure date. Usually, the conversation around dates has to do with travel plans and work commitments. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it has really pushed the boundaries for those of you that are able to work from home and has created a profound transformation in how many of us will continue to work going forward. The limits of working remotely in the office is being tested and will definitely become widely accepted as a new norm. This has many benefits by allowing flexibility in scheduling our lives and improved quality of life for many employees, to be able to work and be productive without dealing with commutes or distracting environments- for us, its going to provide our patients with ample time to recover from their procedures.

Easier Facelift Recovery and More Downtime

The conversations I have with my patients concerning 10-14 days away from work will no longer be such a worry. If you don’t want anyone to know that you are undergoing a procedure,  you can resume working from home within 3-4 days after your procedure. This has the advantage of remaining productive during your ‘healing time’ without interfering too much with your occupational commitments.

Additionally, our recovery schedules will open up as I believe that our travel schedules will not be the same. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, I think we all will be a little weary about travel in the near future, so what better use of any ‘staycation’ time than recovering from your procedures.

The future will likely be a blend of what life was like before the COVID-19 crisis and now- the ‘new normal’, and I think we will all adapt to what works.

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