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Hair Transplant

In New York City

Permanent Solution to Hair Loss, Receding Hairline and Thinning Hair

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Your Hair Restoration Procedure

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Isn't it time you did something about your hair?

Hair loss is a challenge for both men and women who struggle with hair loss and want to maintain a fuller looking head of hair. The most effective treatment to solve this problem permanently is to perform a hair transplant from the back of the head to the areas that are thinning. Dr. Madnani and his team of experts are specialized in the latest Hair Transplant Technology offering Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) for male and Female patients.

How It Works


  • A permanent solution for balding and thinning hair loss
  • Re-create your natural hairline and growth patterns
  • These transplanted hairs are resistant to the hormone that causes hair loss — dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
  • In-office treatment
  • Minimal downtime


  • We offer two methods of harvesting for hair restoration surgery: follicular unit transplantation (FUT), in which the surgeon makes a seamless incision to remove a strip of hair from the donor site.
  • Another method is follicular unit excision (FUE). FUE harvesting is the more popular option—likely because there’s no significant scarring, just tiny dots that are easily covered as hair grows.
  • You may begin to notice new hair growth about 3-4 months after the procedure and results will continue to improve up to a year after the procedure.
  • The transplantation is customized to each indivduals needs and desired results.
  • The procedure is performed with local anesthesia and we offer pain relievers during the procedure.

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Dr. Madnani

Why Choose Dr. Madnani for Non-Surgical Treatments?

  • Dr. Madnani is a facial plastic surgeon who is double board certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery.
  • Dr. Madnani personally customizes the surgical plan for all hair transplant patients
  • Dr. Madnani has hand selected a very experienced team to perform this procedure. Experience is most important with hair transplants to ensure graft survival rate/ and a natural result.
  • The procedure is done in our AAAASF Operating room in our Long Island and Manhattan offices, in a clam, relaxing environment.
  • We provide lunch for all hair transplant patients on the day of surgery.
  • We offer post op PRP plan or prescription products that may be recommended per Dr Madnani’s recommendation.
  • FUE offers no scarring, no sutures and most patients are back to their normal life after 1 week after the procedure.


Madnani Facial Plastic Surgery
Madnani Facial Plastic Surgery

Patient Reviews

5 Star Rating on RealSelf – Over 200 of happy patients

Dr.Madnani and his team were amazing! 4 months ago I had a hair transplant. My hair started to recede about ten years ago. They transplanted the hair from the back to the front. During the procedure I was very comfortable, pain free. It went really smooth. The best part is that the hair looks great already! It is filling in vast, and it has only been 4 months! I am a professional in a similar field so I can appreciate his service and the result! Will definitely send all my friends to Dr.Madnani!

  I came for procedures to roll back a decade from my neck and lower face and for me to view it as natural – that’s exactly what occurred!!!! My friends comment how young I look and NO ONE has asked if I’ve had “work” as my results are absolutely “me” from years back. Dr. Madnani is beyond thorough in his care, expertise and excellent explanations of procedures. The personalized and individualized care was beyond what I’ve experienced in any medical practice. I highly recommend Dr. Madnani and his staff.

Recently I had facial surgery performed by Dr. Madnani. Not only am I ecstatic at the results I am so pleased with the entire experience, Dr. Madnani and his staff were professional, courteous and just a delight to deal with. “Kudos” to them all. Thank you for everything.

I used the web to research Dr. Madnani’s credentials. I cannot thank Dr. Madnani enough for giving me back ‘my youth’. He is not only an outstanding surgeon but is a very caring physician and is truly dedicated to his patients.

For me, the most important part of the choice was the doctor performing the procedure. I had met many others and simply could not get comfortable. Dr. Madnani was professional and caring, calm and warm, patient, thorough and unhurried at every stage of the process. It was as though he and his staff was there for me alone that day.

I had a face and eye lift… I found the whole experience to be amazing. Thanks to Dr. Madnani and his staff, they were caring, professional and thorough… I look great! The experience is everything I had hoped it would be! Thank you Dr. Madnani for lifting my face and my spirits!

Hair Transplant FAQ

1. Question: Who is a good candidate for a Hair Transplant?
  • Individuals with well-defined male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness.
  • Individuals with hair loss from scarring, scalp injuries or cosmetic surgery procedures.
  • Individuals who wish to restore or thicken eyebrows, mustaches or beards.
  • Individuals who had prior hair restoration procedures.
2. Question: Is a Hair Transplant permanent ?
For the vast majority of patients, virtually all transplanted hair lasts a lifetime. In some cases, a small percentage of transplanted hair may be lost as the patient ages.
3. Question: What are the benefits of FUE Hair Transplant?
  • Significantly less post-op discomfort or pain.
  • No linear scar.
  • Surgical wounds that are much smaller and less obvious and only require days to heal.
  • Individual hair follicle harvesting allows for donor hair to be extracted from areas that have been impossible to harvest using the more traditional methods such as zones located on the sides of the scalp as well as the beard or body.
  • Extraction of hair from dense donor areas of the scalp and redistributing those hairs to the balding areas in order to minimize the contrast of balding and donor areas.
This strategic extraction allows for a more even appearance of hair in donor areas that minimizes the appearance of balding.
4. Question: Does the procedure hurt?
With the use of local anesthesia discomfort during the procedure is eliminated.
5. Question: Does FUE leave a scar?
The method of individually removing the hair units allows them to be harvested one at a time without leaving a linear scalp scar. There will be some small punctate wounds immediately after the procedure in the donor areas. After 2 – 4 days, the wounds will close and the microscopic scars will be difficult or impossible to see.
6. Question: Will I need more than one Hair Transplant?
We usually recommend multiple sessions to receive optimal results. We can determine the amount of sessions needed during your consultation and will continue to monitor results post-operatively.
7. Question: Are there any complication or risks with Hair Transplantation?
Infection occurrences after a hair transplant procedure are rare. In the few cases where infection does occur, it is often due to the patient’s failure to fully follow post-operative instructions. Even when infection occurs, it generally is easily treatable with antibiotics, which can be prescribed by the physician.
8. Question: What can I expect after a Hair Transplant?
  • Most patients can return to work 24 to 48 hours after their hair restoration.
  • Hair is washed the morning after each procedure.
  • Vigorous physical activity should be limited for five to seven days. You may begin to return to regular activities after 7 days unless discussed otherwise.
Medication is utilized to minimize swelling which can occur. Some crusting or small scabs may be present for seven to ten days, along with some itching at the treatment sites. Any numbness at the donor or recipient sites usually disappears within several weeks to a few months. Follow-up visits at four to six-month intervals are scheduled in order to monitor progress and assess results.
9. Question: When will I begin to see results?
You may begin to notice new hair growth about 3-4 months after the procedure and results will continue to improve up to a year after the procedure.
10. Question: How can I maintain results?
We offer medically advance prescription grade hair products to minimize hair loss and improve results pre-and post-operatively.


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