Post Operative Instructions- Fat Transfer

  • Keep your head elevated at least 15 degrees (on one pillow) at all times. The head should be above your heart at all times to reduce swelling.

Placing pillows under the mattress can help ensure your back and head are elevated.

Sleeping in a recliner can help as well.

  • Be careful when getting in and out of bed and when using the restroom.

Getting up too suddenly can cause changes in your blood pressure, accidental falls, and changes in consciousness.

  • Swelling, bruising, some level of discomfort are expected after surgery. The intensity and duration of these side effects depend on your surgical history as well as individual healing characteristics.

Uneven appearance and asymmetry is common after fat transfer. Things will appear more even as swelling subsides in the next few weeks.

  • The bandage over your fat donor site can be removed after 24 hours. Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment over the donor sites 2x daily for the first 3 days.
  • You may see drainage for up to 36 hours after your procedure. However, excess bleeding is not normal and should be reported to our office immediately.
  • Use a cool compress on the exposed areas of your face to help reduce swelling and discomfort. Keep the compress in the refrigerator to ensure fat does not dissolve from extreme temperatures.
  • Makeup can be applied after 48 hours.
  • Take all medications as directed.

Be sure to finish your full course of antibiotics.

Pain medication can be taken on an as-need basis.

We recommend switching to: Tylenol Extra Strength whenever possible.

Under NO circumstance should you take any medicines containing aspirin, motrin, ibuprofen or aleve (NSAIDS). These are blood thinners and can increase the risk of complications.

  • When showering, do NOT apply direct water pressure to your face. We recommend using only gentle shower products and to turn your back to the shower head to avoid direct water pressure to your face.

If you have a detachable shower head, it may help make showering easier.

Avoid all baths at this time, as it can increase your exposure to bacteria and infection.

  • No exercise or strenuous activity for at least 1 week after your procedure. Also avoid bending at the hip or lifting more than 10 lbs during this time.
  • Avoid straining during bowel movements.

Pain medications and lack of movement can cause constipation. You may use OTC stool softener to relieve symptoms.

  • It is very important that you use sunscreen to prevent sun damage to the skin. Sunscreen should offer broad spectrum protection (UVA/UVB), have a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50 or more, and be used daily. If direct sun exposure is necessary, wear a hat and clothing that covers the treated area. Diligent sun protection and sunscreen use may lower the risk of post surgical hyperpigmentation. You can begin wearing a gentle physical sunscreen about 3 days after your surgery. We recommend SkinBetter or Skinceuticals (both available at our office).


Please try to be patient during the healing process! The results will be worth the wait.

Please call us with any questions or concerns, the team at Madnani Facial Plastics is always here for you

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