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Post Operative Instructions Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)

Wound care

  • After surgery you will have a head wrap that will cover your ears and most of your face. This dressing will be removed on your first post operative appointment, usually 1-3 days after surgery. Once the dressing is removed the incisions will be checked, cleaned, and ointment will be applied.
  • When the wrap is taken off, it will be replaced with an athletic style sweatband, beanie, or headband. This can be purchased at any local store prior to surgery. A wide band is best.
  • You will have dissolvable stitches behind your ears, which will take a couple of weeks to dissolve. When you shampoo your hair, take some of the foam and rub the back of your ears, this will help break down any crusting and keep the area clean. Do not aggressively rub. Pat your ears dry. Apply a small pea size amount of Bacitracin antibiotic ointment behind each ear along the incision line for the next 7-10 days after your surgery.
  • The headband is to be worn over your ears day and night for the next 7 days. Starting the second week, the headband needs to be worn only at night for the next 6 weeks. This will help protect your ears from any potential damage caused by nighttime tossing and turning.
  • Your ears will be sore, possibly numb, and quite tender for the next several weeks. Give it time,it will return to normal. As best that you can, avoid bumping or catching your ears in the meantime.

Pain Management

  • Madnani will prescribe a narcotic pain medication for after the surgery. Common side effects of narcotics include: constipation (take Miralax, increase fluids), nausea (Zofran), loss of appetite, sleepiness.
  • Tylenol is the ONLY over the counter pain medication you may take.


  • Following your surgery, no strenuous activity or exercise should be performed the first week to avoid suture rupturing. Taking it easy is encouraged the first few days, such as going for a walk.
  • You may gradually increase your activity levels by the end of that week. After the two week mark, you may return to your normal activity levels. Please remain cautious and aware of your ears in all activities.

Return to work or school

  • Patients may return to work or school once the head wrap is removed.


Please try to be patient during the healing process! The results will be worth the wait.

Please call us with any questions or concerns, the team at Madnani Facial Plastics is always here for you

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